Power Pivot Add-in in Excel

power pivot add-in- n excel

How familiar are you with Power Pivot Add-Ins in Excel?

Microsoft Excel Add-Ins are able to complement the basic functionality of any software. They can increase the memory or add communications capabilities. Furthermore, in this article keySkillset will go through a very common software program along with its features. Discover more about the power of Power Pivot add-in in Excel to improve your work efficiency.

Import from multiple data sources

With Power Pivot you can use multiple data sources to import millions of rows into one Excel worksheet. More than that, you can calculate measures and columns by using formulas and create relationships. Another advantage is to insert Pivot Tables and analyze the data accordingly. As a result, you will not need any IT assistance anymore. Power Pivot features will help you make proper business decisions.

Support of data sources

Power Pivot add-in has the option to import and combine data from many sources and any location. This can include cloud services, text files, Excel files and Web data. Besides, you can import information from relational datasets and sources of different dimensions.

Faster calculations and analysis

The Excel add-in is able to process thousands of rows. In other words, you can take advantage of fast calculations due to better use of the gigabytes of memory. We all know how difficult it is to deal with massive data analysis from the desktop. In this situation, the software program can help overcome these limitations. For example, it compacts the algorithms efficiently and loads big sets of data.

Data Analysis Expressions

Excel Gurus can use Data Analysis Expressions to extend the capabilities of manipulating the data. It allows more complex grouping, calculation and analysis. Moreover, the structure is very similar to the one used for Excel formulas.

Management and security

The management dashboard integrated into Power Pivot allows the IT administrators to execute several tasks. For instance, they can manage and monitor your applications shared with them. This will ensure high performance, availability and security.


Power Pivot add-in in Excel is a powerful software program that every data scientist should master. Therefore, knowing its features and capabilities will ensure the smooth accomplishment of your tasks. Moreover, if you want to execute these commands faster to save time, we recommend the keySkillset Game. By playing you will learn Excel shortcuts faster and will be able to compete with other Excel Gurus.

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