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Master key efficiency skills for corporate finance or investment banking world.

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In response to coronavirus (COVID-19),
we offer our educational games for FREE for the first month!
Stay productive, stay positive, we are all in this together.

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Why keySkillset.

We make critical learning skills fun and accessible.

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Increase efficiency

Keyskillset saves tons of time (=money) by learning all necessary skills and tricks.

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Measure skills

KeySkillset knows your skills growth with short assessments before and after using our educational games.

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Get engaged

Learn by doing and at your own pace (compared to live training).

Corporate Solutions.

We provide financial skills training to the largest international companies.

Easy to scale to an unlimited amount of employees, our KeySkillset games are the most cost efficient way to train your firm’s employees.

  • Online Assessment+ Gamified Online Training
  • Skills growth statistics for each employee
  • ROI calculation: savings due to increased efficiency of employees are larger than investments into our online training


149/user per year. We offer enterprise pricing options for a large amount of employees.

We create customized solutions and can gamify any content.

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Self Study Online Games.

x10 speed and efficiency with mouse-free use of programs – step by step guidance.

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19),
we offer our educational games for FREE for the first month!
Stay productive, stay positive, we are all in this together.

Excel Efficiency

Introducing time saving shortcuts and lesser-known functions and features to make you an Excel power user. Increase your efficiency by mouse-free use of Excel and save tons of time.


Financial modeling

Step by step instruction to build a Discounted Cash Flow financial model for a real company. Covering DCF steps, forecasting, WACC, terminal value and more. Teaches mouse-free financial modeling in Excel.

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Free for the first 30 days, $49 monthly after. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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PowerPoint Speed

Designed for finance professionals, consultants and anyone looking to get the most out of PowerPoint, this game is focused on the speed. Build pitch decks in minutes by using PowerPoint mouse-free.

Python for finance

LEARN Python programming and financial data analysis BY DOING. Discover the power of Python applied to finance and save time analyzing your data.

  • Our educational online games are suitable for both Mac and PC users.
  • You buy a subscription and can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

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Tailored for financial professionals

Feedback from corporate clients.

KeySkillset received great feedback from the largest US banks and business schools.

Normally, I just experiment on my own and watch YouTube tutorials to learn more about Excel. What the game does is that it provides the necessary visuals and kinesthetic learning at the same time and at a faster pace so it saves me a lot of time and frustration along the way. The staff are always on point and they're very helpful.
Ian Buenaventura
What a game. Truly an indelible experience. It can help anyone who wants to learn excel and is unable to do so despite seeing hours of videos and trying to copy concepts. This is one heck of an idea and I believe it is bound to succeed. Kudos to the management team who have brought such an amazing thing up. I advice everyone to try this game.
Umar Fahad

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About Us


We are a New York based company operating since 2017. The company founder was involved in live Excel and modeling trainings for the largest international companies, such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Deloitte, BCG, McKinsey & Company and more.

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Our educational games include topics covered in the largest investment banks and consulting companies. We break key skills learning into step by step gamified solutions that build the user’s muscle memory. Besides, It is the most efficient way to learn, which will save tons of time to the employee and tons of $$$ to the company.

Pricing Plans

Ask us what package is the best for you or your company. 

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  • 2 years subscription
  • 1 Free month
  • Basic support
$ 59 Price per user
  • 3 Year subscription
  • 3 Free month
  • Unlimited support

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