Min and Max Functions Explained

min and max functions

What Should You Know About Min/Max and Small/Large Functions?

In our last edition, we introduced you to 5 amazing Excel shortcuts that will change your life. This time we will continue to explore the world of shortcuts by showing how functions Min and Max work. In addition, keySkillset will explain more about the Small and Large functions that will be illustrated through images.

What are Excel Min and Max Functions?

This functions are straightforward in Excel. We use these formulas to find out the minimum or the maximum numeric value in a cell range. The usage of these formulas is crucial when you are working with large sets of data where it is extremely hard to find the smallest or the largest value manually.

What are Small and Large Functions in Excel?

We can say that Small and Large functions are advanced versions of Min and Max functions in terms of what they are used for. The Small and Large functions have a second parameter, which asks you of the smallest or largest numeric values you want to find in a cell range. It means that with these functions, we do not limit ourselves to find the largest or smallest numbers. We can also find the 3rd smallest or 4th largest number in a cell range. Similar to the benefits of Min, Max, Small and Large functions also help you significantly when you are looking for the smallest or largest number in a large data set.

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