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Excel Efficiency

Introducing time saving shortcuts and lesser-known functions and features to make you an Excel power user. Increase your efficiency by mouse-free use of Excel and save tons of time.


Financial Modeling

Step by step instruction to build a Discounted Cash Flow financial model for a real company. Covering DCF steps, forecasting, WACC, EV and more. Teaches mouse-free financial modeling in Excel.


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Free for the first 7 days, $49 monthly after. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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PowerPoint Speed

Designed for finance professionals, consultants and anyone looking to get the most out of PowerPoint, this game is focused on the speed. Build pitch decks in minutes by using PowerPoint mouse-free.

Python for Finance

LEARN Python programming and financial data analysis BY DOING. Discover the power of Python applied to finance and save time analyzing your data.

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tips for amazing powerpoint presentation

Top 5 Tips for Amazing PowerPoint Presentations

steps to start financial modeling career

Top 4 Easy Steps to Start your Financial Modeling Career

Educational apps in finance

Top 5 Educational Apps in Finance in 2020

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Top 3 Trends to Watch in PowerPoint

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How to Use Financial Statements in Financial Modeling?

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Anchoring in Financial Models in Excel

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How to Work with Links from Other Sheets in Excel

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The Magic of Naming Cells in Excel

excel charts

The Secrets behind Excel Charts

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Tutorial

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Tutorial

myths about financial modeling

Top 4 Myths About Financial Modeling

top 7 jobs in financial modeling

Top 7 Jobs That Require Financial Modeling Skills in 2020

data validation

Awesome Examples of the Data Validation Use in Excel

six mistakes to avoid in financial modeling

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Financial Modeling

goal seek

What-If Analysis: How to Use Goal Seek in Excel

jobs that require excel skills in 2020

Top 7 Jobs That Require Excel Skills in 2020

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Top 10 Best Excel Bloggers to Follow in 2020

MS Excel books in 2020

Top 7 MS Excel Books in 2020

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Top 5 Auditing Tools for Financial Models

Equity Value per Share

Equity Value per Share Calculation in DCF Models

DCF Financial Model

5 Steps for Building a DCF Financial Model

Excel podcasts

Top 5 Excel Podcasts in 2020

learn from home

How to Learn from Home the Right Way

executive function skills

Developing Executive Function Skills is Your New Goal

Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity Analysis of Financial Models (What-If Analysis)

scenario analysis

Building Scenario Analysis for Financial Models


Excel Tricks for Financial Model Formatting

Financial Modeling Best Practices

Financial Modeling Best Practices

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3 Smart Ways to Gamify Your Learning

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The Magic of Eight Minutes for E-learning

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Top 4 Easy Ways to Improve Active Learning

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Top 6 Financial Literacy Games

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Top 7 tips to increase productivity at work

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Top 4 tips to improve your muscle memory

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How colours affect the learning process?

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Top 5 Smart ways HR can improve employee’s productivity

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From In-person Training to Virtual Learning

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Office 2019 Features Released

excel books

Top 7 Best MS Excel Books 2019

new excel features

Top 7 New Excel Features to Use in Excel 2019


Combining two data columns using Excel shortcuts

conditional formatting in ms excel

Conditional Formatting in Excel

hot key excel office

Differences between Office 365 and MS Office 2019


Top three reasons to use hot keys and shortcuts in Excel


Why Excel Game Is Better Than Video Course?


Hide/Show Unnecessary Excel Rows and Columns


Excel – there is more in Copy-Paste than Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V

navigating and highlighting in Excel

Speed Up When Navigating and Highlighting in Excel

Excel macros VBA

Learn here how you can easily write an Excel macro

Excel macros

Learn here how you can easily deal with Excel macros

save time in Excel

5 Best TIME SAVING TIPS in Excel


Excel LOOKUP is more flexible than VLOOKUP / HLOOKUP

Excel Shortcuts

5 Amazing Excel Shortcuts that Will Change Your Life

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Top 5 Awesome Reasons to Use Excel Shortcuts

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Min and Max Functions Explained

Top 10 Excel Bloggers

Top 10 Best Excel Bloggers to Follow 2018


Learn More About Count, Counta and Countblank

Excel uses in business

Top 6 Excel Uses in Business [Infographic]

sumproduct and product

Product and Sumproduct Functions

top crazy things you can do in excel

Top Crazy Things You Can Do in Excel

Index and Match Formulas

Index and Match Formulas Explained

Top 11 facts you didn't know about excel

Top 11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Excel

IF Main

IF Statements Explained


7 Mistakes to Avoid in Excel


Sort and Filter Data


Top 7 Jobs That Require Excel Skills

print and page layout

Print and Page Layout Shortcuts

Excel graphing

Top Life-Changing Excel Tutorials. Part 1

round formula

Round, Roundup and Rounddown Formulas

Advanced Excel Functions

Top Life-Changing Excel Tutorials. Part 2

keySkillset Choose and Offset

Choose and Offset Functions

Database Excel tutorials

Top Life-Changing Excel Tutorials. Part 3

transpose formula

Transpose Formula Explained

Misuse of Excel in Europe

Top Facts on Misuse of Excel in Europe

anchoring formula

Anchoring Formula in Excel

excel templates for tracking

Top Useful Excel Templates for Tracking

indirect function

Indirect Function in Excel

excel limitations

Excel Limitations Debunked

new excel functions

How New Excel Functions Shape Our Future

text function

Text Function in Excel

crucial excel skills

Top 7 Most Crucial Excel Skills to Become a Pro

how to make excel more powerful

How To Make Excel More Powerful By Using AI?

top 10 text functions in Excel

Top 10 Text Functions in Excel

smart excel functions using ai

Smart Excel Functions Using AI

new data types in excel

Tips to Get New Data Types in Excel

text to column function

Text to Columns Function in Excel

differences between excel windows and mac

3 Major Differences Between Excel Windows and Mac

excel for big data

How to Use Excel for Big Data

python and excel for data science

Beginner Guide: Python and Excel for Data Science

gamified educational apps 2018

Top 5 Gamified Educational Apps 2018

Top 7 Tricks of Working with Dates in Excel

Top 7 Tricks of Working with Dates in Excel

what if-analysis data tables

What-If Analysis: Data Tables

android apps to learn ms excel

Top 5 Awesome Android Apps to Learn Excel

power pivot add-in- n excel

Power Pivot Add-in in Excel

conditional formatting in ms excel

Conditional Formatting in Excel

top 5 awesome projects made in excel

Top 5 Awesome Projects Made in Excel

is excel spreadsheet a thing of the past

Is Excel Spreadsheet a Thing of the Past?

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MS Excel Gamification for Companies

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MS Excel Ideas Tool

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Top 5 Financial Functions in Excel…