Top Life-Changing Excel Tutorials. Part 1

Excel graphing

What are the Top Excel Graphing Tutorials?

We use Microsoft Excel in different kinds of industries because it makes the work organized and structured. Starting from high school, we should have had at least 2 or 3 classes of Excel. Today the internet offers a lot of Excel tutorials, but the question is where to start from. keySkillset will present top life-changing Excel tutorials divided into several categories.

In this first edition, we will focus on tutorial sources that help you to learn Excel graphing. If you need advanced foundation, here are some suggestions:

Microsoft Office Tutorial

It is the most reliable and advanced tutorial for improving your design skills. It allows you to get to know different chart elements and how to adjust them. in addition, it teaches to modify a basic chart to make it look more professional. Attractive formatting to a chart can also be done easily by following the instructions provided.

You can change the style or the layout by adding and formatting such elements as chart area, data series, plot area or data labels. When you use a predefined chart style, you can set up your own fonts, colors and fill effects based on company’s theme colors.

Excel Easy

Excel Easy is very straightforward in providing explanations on how to use Excel graphing. It provides a specific example of how a data range can be turned into a meaningful chart. The process has never been easier than that. Once inserted, the chart type can be changed based on the data provided. After that, this tutorial will show you how to switch columns, labels and data points.

LabWrite Resources

If you are only getting started to learn Excel graphing, LabWrite Resources will give you guidelines on that. Their tutorials involve linking to topics on histograms and bar graphs. In addition, the material is structured into basics and advanced techniques, so that you could choose your level. You can learn about inputting data into cells or creating scatter plots.  It also involves regression lines, error bars, and data display.



Creating graphs and charts is one of the best ways to visualize data and make decisions. Hubspot is one of those pioneers who support this idea and shared a video tutorial on Excel graphing. Moreover, they provide instructions on how to organize the data spreadsheet into a meaningful chart.

Generating an Excel graph involves several steps such as entering data, choosing a nice layout and inserting. The fun part comes with the designing process because you can play with all the chart elements. You can change axis options, reorder or adjust the colors.


The guide of this tutorial touches upon the importance of having advanced charts and how to make various combinations. The goal is to go beyond the basic format of the Excel chart. This means that if you want to compare different data sets, you can do that by formatting the chart.

Learning Excel graphing is always beneficial because it helps you to visualize the data clearer. Besides, you can consolidate the information and be able to compare the data. Since it is more colored and adjusted to what you really need, the decision-making process is easier.

Excel graphing allows us to feel the charts aesthetically and customize them according to our understanding. If you want to learn how to create charts faster and efficiently, use the shortcuts. If you need help in learning them, try our version of the game that combines the utility of learning and joy.

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