Top 7 MS Excel Books in 2020

MS Excel books in 2020

MS Excel can be overwhelming software to learn from. With so many functions, settings, and features you need some sort of guidance. We looked through different sources and analyzed the results of our previous Excel books edition. Therefore, in this article, you will find an updated version with the top 7 MS Excel Books in 2020.

MOS Study Guide for Microsoft Excel Exam

This book focuses on sharpening your Excel skills to successfully pass Microsoft Certification exams. The author designed the book to help you practice Excel 2019 and earn the appropriate credentials. After reading, you will be able to create and manage worksheets and workbooks and perform operations by using functions and formulas. Moreover, you will learn to create charts and manage data ranges and cells.

101 Ready To Use Excel Macros

The authors tried to deliver the best content that will save hours for Excel users. With this book, you can learn how to copy and paste straight away. Besides, it covers a step by step guide with colorful screenshots. As a bonus, you get downloadable practice workbooks with VBA code. If you are a beginner to intermediate, this is your book.

Excel PivotTables and Dashboards

If you really consider mastering Excel Pivot tables and Dashboards, it’s time to order the book. You will be able to create and customize dynamic Pivottables. Also, you will learn the best practices for modeling, sharing interactive dashboards, and reporting. This book will give valuable financial insights and show the impact of your analysis. Here is proof that the best things are not always free.

The ABCs of DCF Valuation & Modeling

The book targets users at the introduction level and who want to build a DCF valuation model in Excel. However, the author assumes that you know the basic finance and accounting concepts. The main focus is to help you understand the foundations of building a good and reliable DCF model. As a suggestion, after reading through a section, try to recreate that section in a spreadsheet.

Introduction to Excel VBA Macros Using Visual Basic

This is a great example of how to learn to write and execute customized macros in Excel. For example, you will learn spreadsheet files, cell formulas, setting up a range for cell referencing, and more. The idea is to teach you to navigate in Excel by using codes. You don’t have to memorize them because you can just download them. The book includes a practical assignment of writing a full Excel macro.

Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 365

This is a revised edition that offers a better range of Office 365 applications. You will find systematic tutorials and intermediate/advanced content for developers. The best part is that you will explore real-world projects in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. You will cover topics such as recording macros, using loops, creating effective code, and more. Since it’s written for levels of MS Office 365, you should not worry about your knowledge.

Intermediate Excel

MS Excel always gets updated to keep up with the latest technology. Once you get the grips of the basics, try to take your knowledge to a higher level. This book shows how amazing Excel can be. For example, you will learn to create charts and pivot tables by using your data. Besides, you will master the conditional formatting such as IF statements to get the most out of the software.


Books are a great source to master a new skill at your own pace and this top MS Excel books in 2020 was designed for you. However, if you don’t feel the same way, there are other efficient solutions for that. Try the keySkillset game and see the difference.

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