Print and Page Layout Shortcuts

print and page layout

Why Use Print and Page Layout Shortcuts?

Every time we complete a spreadsheet with filtered data or calculations, the first thought is to save it. Therefore, we save it digitally, but for security purposes, we prefer having a hard copy as well. For example, printing is one of the ways that can be done fast and efficient by using shortcuts. keySkillset will show you how print and page layout shortcuts work.

How to Print Using Shortcuts?

Print, as you can understand from the name, is the action we use to print the spreadsheet in Excel. The shortcut for print is pretty simple, if you press Ctrl + P, it will automatically lead you to the print window, where you can press Enter and directly send print your document out.

However, after you open the print window, if you want to adjust the setting for your document before printing out, you need to open Page Setup window. To open that window, after you press Ctrl + P to open the print page, you need to use the shortcut Alt, P, G. Once you open the window, you can navigate yourself through menus by using Ctrl + Page Down to move clockwise and Ctrl + Page Up to move counter-clockwise. From the Page Setup menu, you can change settings about page orientation, scaling, margins, header/footer, and sheet.

How to Setup Page Layout?

Page Layout is one of the menus in ribbon where you can find different actions about the layout of the spreadsheet. To use Page Layout actions, you need to use shortcut Alt, P to select Page Layout menu. From there, every single action that is in the Page Layout will have a unique shortcut letter, where you can press one of them to execute that action.

For example, let’s say you don’t want to see the gridlines in the spreadsheet that you are working. To remove the gridlines, all you need to do is use the shortcut Alt, P, VG. By simply adding the last shortcut letters to Alt, P sequence, you can easily select any action you want from the Page Layout menu.

Print and Page Layout are the most commonly used areas when we want to adjust the setting about the layout of the page and how we want the document to be printed out. By self-studying these menus and shortcuts, you can improve your efficiency and shorten your time working on these areas.

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