Hide/Show Unnecessary Excel Rows and Columns


Let’s assume we’d like to temporary hide some columns in the table below: hide details by months, leaving only quarters. In our example, we’d like to hide rows B to D.

There are two methods for that.

Method 1: Hide Excel rows and columns

Go to the row B and click Excelshortcut “Ctrl + Space Bar” to highlight the row. Then highlight rows C and D by holding “Shift” and clicking the right arrow couple times.

Click Excel hot key “Shift + F10” for right-clicking and “H” to “Hide”.

To unhide you’d click “Shift + F10” for right-clickng and “U” to “Unhide”.

The problem with this method is thatit’s less obvious if the column / row is hidden or not, and there’s more hustle to unhide and hide again.

Grouping is a better way of doing it.

Method 2: Grouping

After selecting the rows B to D, you can click Excel shortcut “Alt + Shift + right arrow” to group the previously selected rows or columns, and “Alt + Shift + left arrow” to ungroup, respectively.

This method of hiding unnecessary data is much more convenient – you can press either a button with the sign “+” or “-“, or Excel shortcut ”Alt A J/H” (clicking one after another in this case) to collapse or unfold the cells.

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