Top Life-Changing Excel Tutorials. Part 3

Database Excel tutorials

What are the Top Excel Tutorials for Database?

In the previous editions, we covered such Excel tutorials as advanced mathematical functions and graphing. We consider that the combination of different learning sources will help to use Excel in many ways. For example, it is beneficial in developing our technical skills as well as agile thinking. Besides, you become more efficient and train your analytical capabilities. Today, we will focus on Excel tutorials that help to build a database.

Database Excel tutorials would be very useful for companies that use the software in creating spreadsheets of contacts. Therefore, keySkillset created the list of top tutorials that will help with that.


Microsoft Excel has its own amazing tools for keeping track of data and look for specific information. Lifewire decided to leverage this function by teaching on how to enter the data. Additionally, with hundreds of rows and columns, you will be able to manipulate the data as well as how to store, search and filter. The whole idea is to master the database to translate it into the real world.

Best Excel Tutorial

This tutorial includes functions that will definitely minimize your effort in building a database for your company. For instance, they use MIN, Count, STDEV and all other functions by adding D (which refers to data term). As a result, you will DSUM, SVAR or DSTDEV.


We mentioned Lynda tutorials in our previous editions as well and there is a reason behind. Excel can be used to create a database and get meaningful insights. Besides, it stresses out the design of the data set as well as the tools to manage it. Some of the topics include turning data into tables, utilizing formulas, forms, data validation functions and filtering options. Dennis Taylor, the Excel tutor, offers the course for intermediate skill level, which requires a certain knowledge of the software.


Chandoo is attracting the audience through interactive images such as GIFs. If it works or not, you decide. As for us, the guide is engaging and it explains the process of building a database through zoomed images. Before starting the tutorial, you should consider that the entire sheet is one database. Besides that, the explanations do not have any linkage with built-in Table features and knowing SQL is an advantage.

Microsoft Office

People use Microsoft Excel to create databases and analyze them to build further business strategies. Since there is a large amount of data, you should be able to sort it accordingly. Microsoft tutorial is divided into links to make it easy to navigate from one command to another. In addition, they help you to build data models as well as to learn to create interactive reports in Power View. The purpose is to prove Business Intelligence features and opportunities in working with Excel.

Wonder How To

Wonder How To tutorials provide easy to memorize and short videos on how you can create Excel databases. They are not overwhelming you with content and give simple explanations of the necessary functions. However, their website is not focused primarily on Excel. Check it more for news in the world of technology.

Microsoft Excel is one of the tools that makes you more confident in your finance or investment banking job. If you know how to use these Excel secrets, you will become more efficient and faster in executing your tasks.

This is our last edition in the series of tutorials. We listed them to support your learning. But, to make the most out of it, we recommend experimenting on our game keySkillset. It is a fun and interactive way to learn around 200 functions by using only shortcuts. Start practicing now!

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