Top Life-Changing Excel Tutorials. Part 2

Advanced Excel Functions

What are the top advanced mathematics tutorials?

As a person working in finance or investment banking field, our job requires interaction with numbers and formulas. Many of us struggle with choosing and inserting the right mathematical formula. Fortunately, keySkillset will make your life easier because we listed the top life-changing Excel tutorials. In this edition, we will cover advanced mathematics.


The Udemy program claims to operate under 95/5 rule instead of the usual 80/20. They consider that 95% of the users barely use 5% of the program’s power. Therefore, Udemy helps you to master Microsoft Excel with practical examples and how to use Excel functions. For example, they offer text, logical and financial functions as well as copying macros and tracking changes in Excel 2013.


keySkillset is a revolution in learning advanced formulas from Excel because of several reasons. It helps you to learn the functions by using only keyboard shortcuts. Yes! It’s a mouse-free version that trains your muscle memory. Besides that, it is a computer game that combines the fun and utility of developing Excel skills. The topics covered are Vlookup, Index, and Match, IF-statements and other advanced mathematical formulas.

The Excel expert Dennis Taylor starts his tutorials by reviewing the basic functions and main hot shortcuts. It will help to locate them and accelerate when working with an Excel spreadsheet. Moreover, the course focuses on statistical functions, working with data and practical examples with real scenarios. It includes analyzing data with array functions, calculating times and extracting data.

Based on these tutorials, advancing in Excel is not an issue anymore. Their approach involves downloading a spreadsheet with real-case examples shown and explained. The tutorials make you think of Excel as an analogy to Calculator Financial Keys. In other words, all the financial calculators have 5 keys, which are the same as Excel’s basic time value functions. Have fun trying on the number of periods, rate, present value, annuity payment and future value formulas.


This tutorial provides explanations in performing functions such as trigonometric ratios, conditional sums and products, exponents, and logarithms.  You can also find statistical functions and engineering functions in Excel. In addition, they list the built-in Excel math functions and each function has a link that directs you to its description.

Excel Exposure

Excel Exposure was created to help you use and learn advanced mathematical functions in Microsoft Excel. The first step is to have an overview of the Lesson Guide that presents the preferable order of following the course. The next steps would be giving your motivation and effort to learn.  However, as the tutor claims, it can be fun because everyone can join the course and enjoy some of his jokes.

Ischool Tutorials

Ischool Tutorials is a very complex program that covers Office applications, web and programming languages, open source software and many others. But, today they are part of our list due to their advanced Excel videos. For this, you will require additional software to be able to watch the tutorials. The best part is that you can easily watch them on mobile devices wherever you travel.

If you want to learn more about other great Excel tutorials and how to master different Excel tips and tricks, follow our next edition of top life-changing tutorials. keySkillset is an amazing way to master the software by using only hot keys. Becoming more efficient and faster has never been easier.

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