Top Facts on Misuse of Excel in Europe

Misuse of Excel in Europe

How Does the Misuse of Excel in Europe Affect the Companies?

Independent analysts from International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed shocking data on advanced Excel users. It showed that companies employees with advanced knowledge are wasting around €55 billion.  Therefore, the misuse of Excel in Europe was justified in being hard to handle considering the work overload.

This data triggered the research centre dig deeper into insights. As a result, The State of Self-Service Data Preparation discovered a trend followed by tech companies. These business users prefer to analyze the data on their own, which increased the number of Excel employees in Europe (now counting for 12%). In addition, the research shows that working with data an advanced user spends around nine hours on repeating manual effort. In Europe, it takes two billion hours of duplicate work and incurs €10,000 of extra costs per year.

keySkillset gathered all this data and created an infographic that shows how poor the Excel knowledge in Europe is. People waste a huge amount of money and disregard many hours of efficient work.

If you want to learn more about facts, statistics and events from the Excel world, stay tuned to our next blog posts.

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