Top Crazy Things You Can Do in Excel

top crazy things you can do in excel

When we think about Microsoft Excel, the first idea that comes is a program where people use for their businesses. Although this definition is not wrong, there is an unlimited number of different usage of Excel. More than that, some of them are quite exciting!

Today, keySkillset will look at the most interesting and funny things to do with Microsoft Excel. In the following article, you will find top 5 crazy things you can do in the software.


Who doesn’t know Monopoly? The board game that millions of people love and play in their home. It is the game that sometimes pushes through the limits of friendship. Besides, Monopoly is only one simple example of games that you can play with Excel. There is an actual board of Monopoly in Excel spreadsheet where you can play with 3 different people and have fun.


If you are a fan of Sudoku and are bored to find new Sudoku games to play, this is for you! You can create a 9×9 grid of Sudoku where you can generate an unlimited number of different Sudokus. All thanks to Excel VBA. We highly recommend you to check the pre-designed Sudoku Excel sheet by Bruce McPherson.

Make Art, Not War

Have you ever felt that there is an artist in you, who wants to paint 24/7 but you are not familiar with any tools or techniques that painting requires? Well, thanks to Microsoft, you can start working on your own paintings with Excel. If you are interested, you should definitely check out this 73-year-old Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi’s digital paintings created using Excel’s AutoShape tool.


The Arena game is the perfect example where you can push the limits of Excel. Who would have thought you can use Excel as a video gaming platform? The creator of Arena, Cary Walkin, introduces us how far you can go with Excel.

Arena is a role-playing game where you can find around different levels with almost 2,000 enemies, and hold on tight, the game has 4 different endings depending on your choices in the game. Cary created his masterpiece in 5 months only, and he launched in March 2013. If you are a fan of role-playing games, you should definitely give it a try.

Flight Simulator Model

We are finishing this blog with the first flight simulator model in Excel. Yes, you read it right, you can even create some simulation models like flight simulation, sailing simulations, etc. As you can see in the screenshot of the game below, this is a 3D flight simulation where you will play with your mouse as the joystick of the aircraft. If you are interested in simulations and aviation, this is the simulator you should check.

Excel Unusual is a great website to see the most unique and cool things that you can do with Excel. There are over 500 different examples from project-related with Aerodynamics to tutorials where you can learn how to create some of these amazing things in Excel.

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