Top 7 Most Crucial Excel Skills to Become a Pro

crucial excel skills

How to Become a Pro in Excel?

Microsoft Excel was developed for users that have different levels of knowledge: from beginners to advanced developers. However, there are a couple of Excel features that even a novice can master to develop his muscle memory and become faster. keySkillset created a list of crucial Excel skills to become a pro and break the fear of learning. We demonstrate that even a beginner can be good at Excel.


Using Excel mouse-free by using hotkeys and shortcuts is crucial to speed up dramatically. In the beginning you might feel it slows down your work, but trust us – as soon as you master it, you will fly in Excel and shortcuts would save a tremendous amount of time for you. Our Excel game builds your Excel shortcuts muscle memory the funnest and quickest way, worth doing.


Excel has many functions that need to be memorized, however, with the built-in features you can choose the function you want. It works very easily because once you enter the data, the software will give you more options to choose from. Users can either choose from the list or just have a hint on the function to help them memorize better.

Formula auditing

It is frustrating when a formula that you inserted does not return the desired results. Either data is not accurate or the formula is wrong, formula auditing is a necessary tool. We will show you two ways to audit the formula that will help you learn more about the functions and references. First is to highlight references and press F9 to evaluate only the highlighted component. Second is to use the Evaluate Formula tool form the Formula Auditing group.

User preferences

Every user has its own preferences of setting and working with Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, you can set up the preferences in the Options group of the Tools menu. The only thing is that you should know exactly your choices.

Stored/displayed values

The displayed values do not always reflect the stored values. As a consequence, the formula results might be sometimes unexpected even though you inserted the right function and formula. Remember that the stored values do not assess the displayed values, but the stored values.

Paste special options

Paste special is the right tool for pasting text with the original formats as well as evaluating values to letting you work with filtered sets. It is not a must to know all the shortcuts of these functions, but they are extremely useful and make the work more efficient.

Data validation

Excel’s data validation function allows users to protect the data validity and reject the invalid entries. To apply the data validation rules you should select the range of cells, click the Data tab and then the Data Validation button. In the Settings, you choose the validation rule criteria.

Get to learn more about how to insert these functions mouse-free by using shortcuts. keySkillset can make your job easier. You can learn crucial Excel skills to become a pro when you start exploring our Game.

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