Top 7 Jobs That Require Excel Skills


Are You Good Enough at Excel to Get a Job?

You may have used Microsoft Excel for school or on your job for its basic application. However, these soft skills are more valued than you think. If you know how to work in Excel, you have higher chances to get a better paying job. Therefore, keySkillset listed top 7 categories of jobs that require Excel skills to help you be more focused on the search.

  1. Accountants and auditors. 
  2. Professors, teachers, and teaching assistants
  3. Marketing, sales, training and administrative managers
  4. Project coordinators, project and construction managers
  5. Investment bankers and financial analysts
  6. Market research, business and management analysts
  7. Cost estimators

Formatting or using formulas are some examples of Excel tools you should be able to execute. In addition, it is a demanded skill when it comes to any investment decisions.

If you are confident in your Excel abilities, start applying for these jobs to stand out from other candidates. Moreover, looking at different job portals like Glassdoor or LinkedIn, you will be surprised that Excel skills are in high demand. There is no way you should wait.

If you are willing to improve your Excel, we recommend trying our game to learn Excel shortcuts. You will become more efficient, productive and save time.

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