Top 5 Gamified Educational Apps 2018

gamified educational apps 2018

The process of learning is usually time-consuming and requires patience and concentration. Moreover, it is not always enjoyable or motivating. keySkillset did the homework as always and gathered top 5 gamified educational apps. They have different targets such as students, young professionals or adults. In the article below find how companies make learning an instrument, language or software a fun activity.


One of the biggest trends in 2018 was to learn a new language. People try various ways to do that. For example, they look for a community that speaks a particular language. However, it can be tough when you are a shy person. Another option is to start watching live webinars or courses but sometimes it is hard to stay concentrated or it is just expensive. Duolingo takes a different approach because it helps you learn Spanish, French, German, etc in a gamified mode. The app features lesson grading, hearts with streak counts, levels of difficulty as well as weekly reminders. When you run out of lives you can buy the Duolingo currency to power up. In addition, the app has social clubs which makes even more fun because you get to know new people.

As a free language education, either the richest people or public schools from developing countries can use the app. Duolingo proves that you do not have to spend a fortune on education. Besides, people should have equal opportunities in self-educating themselves.


Many of you have watched Youtube videos on how-to-play piano or guitar. You have to stop the video and then try it on your own. Some attention is required. Yousician works differently because when you are ready for the lesson, you turn on the app, choose the instrument and play the song based on the lesson selected. You will be able to get background music, record your progress and give feedback.

The app is structured as a game. Therefore, once you start and progress you will unlock more stages. The app will show analytics of your performance as well as will provide feedback immediately. Moreover, you can upload your own music and practice your favourite songs.

gamified app


Some students and young professionals want to launch in finance or consulting career. However, they may have a big struggle when it comes to learning Excel. They may not feel confident in their skills or tech-savvy enough. Therefore, keySkillset came up with the gamified version of learning Excel.

The key, which helps you to go through 70 formulas and 200 shortcuts, tracks your progress and provides and ranking system. It is a competition between Excel users with different level of experience. The main idea s to learn by practising and having fun. Additionally, the app provides a colourful interface with Excel topics and balloons. Try it now and become the new Excel champion!


Python, SQL or C++, regardless of the language programming you use, a company designed an app to teach you coding in a fun way. The most amazing feature is the challenge of creating codes. The members of the community can give feedback or opportunities for improvement. More than that, the users can find a leaderboard with top coders. SoloLearn uses EXP, progression and leaderboards (as mentioned before) which are the main features and proof of development.


People who enjoy learning something new in a short period of time can try Blinkist. It is a gamified educational app for reading books in just 15 minutes. In other words, it summarizes the content of a non-fiction book in a short period. It is very useful for professionals who are always on the go and still look for self-education.

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Gamified education can have a great impact on society and future generations. You learn, have fun and socialize. Moreover, companies are getting interested more and more into this idea of contributing to society. The list of apps above is a very small percentage comparing to what is now on the market. The number is increasing. Let’s wait and see how things will evolve.

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