Top 5 Awesome Android Apps to Learn Excel

android apps to learn ms excel

Learning Excel along with its formulas and functions requires time and resources. It has to be a pleasant process that will motivate you to stay concentrated. Moreover, it has to be a material easy to access and have it in hand. Therefore, companies came up with the solution of implementing Excel learning techniques as apps. This article will go you through top 5 awesome Android apps to learn Excel fast and whenever you have time.

We created a list of applications and assessed them based on user’s score and features such as complexity and effectiveness.

Learn Excel Formulas Functions Example App Offline

The Excel formulas are organized separately from functions and shortcuts so that the user could find them easily on the search bar. Among its functions, we can find Vlookup derivates and Index and Match. There are more than 400 excel formulas with case examples; more than 200 excel functions and more than 200 shortcuts followed by examples. Moreover, the biggest advantage is that you can learn the material offline and it works on all devices. The app is compatible with both Windows and Mac and comprises a lot of concepts in one app.

Learn Excel Data Analysis

This tutorial provides a deep dive into the most advanced and latest Microsoft Excel features. It provides an explanation of how to perform data analysis by using Excel features. Besides, the app contains different screenshots that explain how to execute a particular function. The app helps users that need to prepare professional reports and charts that require heavy data. However, the users have to have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Learn Excel Full

The graphic of the app is one of the most attractive so far due to a colourful background and explanatory icons. Among its features, the Excel app contains Excel tutorials with pictures that explain the use of multiple tips and tricks. In addition, you can find more than 200 shortcuts followed by an Advanced quiz test. The app offers Excel templates created with Macro codes that are free to download.

Learn Excel 2016

This app is a full free course of learning Excel 2016 aiming to guide you through different software features. It will help you design spreadsheets that look professional regardless of your experience working in Excel. Besides, it comprises 21 lessons with graphics and 28 tutorial videos. The app encourages you a self-paced learning with the opportunity to test your skills by completing a challenge at the end of each lesson. Moreover, the app supports Android devices by offering improved design.

MS Excel Shortcuts – keySkillset

MS Excel Shortcuts by keySkillset is a game that helps you to learn Excel shortcuts in a fun and easy way. It comes very handy, with a catchy design and time-saving application. Moreover, it shows your level of advancement along with another worldwide Excel champions. The game contains 6 topics and each topic has 10 shortcuts to learn. You receive three keys for the correct answer in order to reach the target of 180 keys for the whole game. The questions will appear on the screen and you will have to pop up the balloon that contains the right answer.

These Android applications for learning Excel are of a great use, however, all of them offer the standard way of reading and learning. keySkillset innovates the learning process and offers a Game that will help you learn Excel through shortcuts. Our company aims to break the barriers and fear of learning Excel because we know that everyone can be good at it.

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