Top 10 Best Excel Bloggers to Follow in 2020

excel bloggers to follow

Since its launch, Microsoft Excel has helped millions of finance professionals, students and other software users to deal with spreadsheets. It became one of the most useful tools across various industries. In 2018, we came up with the top 10 best Excel bloggers to follow. Therefore, this year we considered several sources to create a new list with the top 10 Best Excel Bloggers to Follow in 2020.

Even if you are new to Excel or already have comprehensive software knowledge, their tips and tricks will improve your skills. They never run out of content and keep you updated with what’s happening in the world of Excel.


John is very consistent in terms of content and provides a great user experience. His website has a friendly look suitable for Excel users of any level. Besides, after reading his first blog articles you will realize the passion that he puts in each line.


Jon, the founder of Vertex42, primarily focuses on various Excel templates, debt calculations and personal budgets. He is behind the Excel tutorials that teaches the users financial topics. As a result, you will become better at managing your personal finances.

Excel Easy

As the name implies, Niels made it possible to simplify a lot of Excel concepts. The idea came to him when studying in Amsterdam and his dream was to teach Excel straight to the point. He targets beginners and intermediate users.


Created in 2008, ExcelMadeEasy is a great tool to share detailed examples on VBA and step by step guide. In addition, users can go through complex task tracking lists, templates, and mathematical functions.

Someka Excel Solutions

As Excel World Championship winner, the company has a lot to offer. Even if they don’t post a lot of blogs, we’d say that the value is better than quantity. Besides the articles, they provide Excel templates and consulting.

Savvy Spreadsheets

It is always a great pleasure to navigate on a website that is run by an Excel professional. Having more than ten years of experience in hand, Janet managed to publish a lot of free content to enlighten the minds of Excel users. Get your spreadsheet ready!


One of the most recognizable Excel contributors is Chandoo. We could not miss him on this list due to his passion for writing about Excel. Advanced training, VBA, and tutorials: these are just a couple of examples where he shares his experience and knowledge.


Bill has more than 29 years of experience with spreadsheets. At the moment, he had written more than 40 books in Excel, which is impressive. If you love spreadsheets then Bill is the right person to talk to. 


In 2017, Radu launched the website to help Excel users to improve their skills. His blog offers short and easy tutorials and practical exercises. What’s more, it is a great learning source for both beginners and intermediate users.

 If you are looking to master or take your Excel skills at a higher level, we definitely recommend it. Ken is an expert in Excel and offers professional guides to advanced Excel users. Moreover, the website has an active community that aims to engage the audience.


Every day we discover more experts who love sharing their passion for Excel. keySkillset is happy that our community of Excel professionals evolves and brings the best content to the world. We are proud of the level of involvement we achieved so far. Keep going!

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