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What are the Sort and Filter Data Functions?

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Sorting Data

Sorting data is one of the most used features in Excel. Excel can differentiate different types of cell formats (text, numeric, etc.) in each column based on data in a cell range. The program enables you to sort your data based on any specific column. For example, imagine that you have a table with more than 1000 rows and two columns. The first column represents each product you produce as a company, and the second row represents their costs per unit. The cell formats that we usually use are text and numbers. Excel can identify these cell formats in the first column and the second column. As a result, you can sort your data from cheapest to most expensive production costs. Alternatively, you can sort these products alphabetically.

If you look at the example below, you can see a table in range A1: G22. We will show you how to sort the data in the table from largest to smallest sales number. First, we need to select all the table in the spreadsheet and use the shortcut Ctrl + A to execute the action. Second, we will open the sorting menu by using the shortcut Alt, A, S, S. Once we open the sort menu in Excel, we can select which column to sort by and how the order will be in the sorted list. Since we sort our table by the sales values, we select “Sales” from the sort by filtering it. Then, we choose the order from largest to smallest and press Enter. As you can see in the last picture below, we perfectly sorted out the table based on our preferences.

Filter Data

Another way to easily sort any column for any table is filtering data. Filter data is one of the most commonly used features of Excel. By simply using the shortcut Alt, A, T, you will have small down arrowheads for the first cells of each column in the table. If you click one of those icons, a small menu will be open. From that menu, you can easily sort your data, or you can use filtering menu to select which rows you want to see based on a specific value that you are looking for in the filtered column. For example, if you want to see all the rows contains New York in their column B, all you need to do is select New York from filtering menu and press okay. In the end, you will see only the rows which have New York as their city.

Sorting and filtering data features are essential for the Excel users to see only specific rows in Excel. We can easily check some conditions from a large data set and clearly see the willing results. Therefore, if you are working with huge data sets, knowing how to sort and filter data will be crucial for you.

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