Smart Excel Functions Using AI

smart excel functions using ai

How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Excel Functions?

In the previous edition, we emphasized the power of Artificial Intelligence combined with Excel that created new features. Making new data types and inserting data from pictures had a positive impact on making use of data. This time, keySkillset will touch upon other smart Excel functions such as Ideas and Dynamics arrays.


Insight services powered by Artificial Intelligence will help finance people and investors to take advantage of Office power. Ideas will help in generating spreadsheets, creating documents and professional presentations. The advantage of using the feature in Excel is that will help find out patterns and trends in a data set. In addition, it will help customers understand and analyze the numbers and interpret them for better decision making. In the nearest future, PowerPoint Online and other apps will also be incorporated with Ideas solution. Working with this feature has never been easier because you have to simply click on an icon and Excel will give you recommendations.

Dynamic Arrays

Dynamic arrays make Excel work more efficient and advanced functions easy to use. By using this feature, any formula that returns an array of values will transpose it to the neighboring cells. Therefore, it will be easier to get an array of values rather working on single cells. We can leverage Dynamic arrays feature by using the following functions: Filter, Sequence, Sort or Unique. As of now, you will only need to insert one formula and highlight an array of cells.

Lookup and Match

Artificial Intelligence improves also the Excel capabilities of the existing functions. For instance, the VLookup, Hlookup, and Match functions will operate on large datasets. As an advantage, we will be able to execute certain operations in seconds instead of minutes as before. In addition, we improved the performance of some basic important functions such as conditional formatting, copy/paste, selection/editing.

We look forward to showing more innovations involving Excel and Artificial Intelligence that will brighten the way we see our future technology and development.

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