Is Excel Spreadsheet a Thing of the Past?

is excel spreadsheet a thing of the past

Will Anything Ever Replace Excel Spreadsheet?

In 2014, the product manager of Youtube was not happy with the tools he was working with such as Google docs and sheets.  The system functioned well enough, however, the software was outdated. The employee faced the question of how the Excel spreadsheet and document would look like if invented today.

After several years of secret development, the former employee finds the answer and reinvents the technology. Specifically, he manages to combine a spreadsheet with a word processor by calling it Coda (codename for it – “Krypton”). Companies can use that tool and allow employees to access shared sets of data. Moreover, it will allow them to view and work with the data at their own pace.

What is Coda?

“It is a document so powerful you can build apps” as the co-founder mentioned in one of the interviews. When the user opens the software, a blank canvas will appear similar to MS Word. However, by adding a couple of columns and rows you will discover a great potential for work. Coda can integrate several other services into one spreadsheet t make your document more powerful. For instance, you can insert Google Map with directions.

Another feature of the software is to name columns and rows as objects, which makes the formulas easier to write and read. Besides, Excel requires to place the formula inside a table whereas in Coda you just press the “=” sign anywhere on the canvas and it brings the data you need. You can also include a brief summary of your progress.

Users can leverage Coda as a planner. Specifically, a company can use it to track the progress of the project, the client relationships and inventory management. It works like a bug tracker, holiday planner as well as Salesforce system.

What is the future?

Regardless of its utility, Coda is not the first company that attempted to replace Microsoft Office or other software such as Slack or Trello. Those are already in fashion workplace tools that people will not give up soon. After several years of existence, the software is still at an early stage.  People will continue using regular apps and programs such as MS Excel spreadsheets because “they are deep.”

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