How To Make Excel More Powerful By Using AI?

how to make excel more powerful

What AI Features Can Change Excel?

We know Excel as a simple software that has three main capabilities. The companies tend to use mainly: inserting data into columns and rows; working with data and calculations. Today, Artificial Intelligence introduced its new features that can make Excel more powerful than today. Moreover, it will help to add more value to the existing software.

New Data Types

When you think of a tool to deal with numbers, the first idea that comes into your mind is Excel. With the introduction of AI technology, the software is able to recognize stocks and map locations. Specifically, a flat piece of text can be turned into a statistic full of information. For example, if we have a table containing Geography metrics, the data can be converted into a personal analysis. Since it is geography, the analysis will have a map visualizing the countries legend attached. Therefore, new data types will evolve over time and allow users to combine more complicated entities.

Data from Pictures

When reading an article or a book about financial analysis, you always come upon tables that have a lot of valuable data. As a passionate finance person, you would definitely like to try on your own by using that template of numbers. However, it is time-consuming to re-type all those numbers and see how the trends change by changing one number. Today, things became easier and smarter. In other words, you can use the power of AI by taking a picture of the printed data table and transpose it into an Excel spreadsheet. The new feature incorporated in Excel is an image recognition function that eradicates the need to manually insert the data. The Insert Data from Picture feature will be soon available for the Excel app.

Excel Is A Way Of Life

Today’s technology development delivers more and more exciting ideas that make Excel more powerful than it is today. Our work becomes easier and more efficient. In addition, we are pleased to explore the new data types and AI-powered analysis functions that can improve Excel performance.

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