How to compete in financial services?

financial services

What is STEM?

Today, technology enters more and more in every sector of our lives. Innovation, facts and financial precision changed our perception about business. Financial services became more influenced by quantitative trading. As a result, people get more involved in STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

The goal of the professionals involved in STEM is to improve the rate of return of the clients’ investments. By this, professionals analyze the stock market, make predictions and build new efficient algorithms to make it work. Therefore, trading decisions involve purely analytical thinking. These trends had affected the current pool of professionals as well as demand for certain business fields. It was proved that today, finance professionals aim for more than just a management position. These people look for leadership positions at Amazon or Google

The employers are looking for professionals that would be sitting in the office and solving financial algorithms. For this reason, many of them go for a finance degree to help them gain the necessary skills. That would work a couple of years ago and not today. Based on research, if you want to compete in the market for a better position, consider applying for a STEM program. It is not enough to be good at numbers because you should be great at solving tasks related to data science or machine learning. The companies need someone who can understand logical systems as well as enough experience.

Do companies need new talents?

As a recommendation, these future professionals should opt for a degree in engineering. It combines a high level of mathematics and programming skills. If a degree requires too much commitment then it is recommended to take courses in Python or any other computing language. It is less time consuming but has the same impact on personal development

Today, companies are looking for more talents in financial services that have a STEM background. These professionals are the ones able to enhance the current capabilities of their business and take it to a higher level. It is never too late to learn and improve your skills, especially when it refers to your future career.

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