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Excel Efficiency.

Introducing time saving shortcuts and lesser-known functions and features to make you an Excel power user.
Increase your efficiency by mouse-free use and save tons of time.

*The winner of Financial Modelling Innovation Award 2020, category “Education”.

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Topics covered.


  • How to create new Excel file and new sheet in the file in one click
  • How to move between sheets and opened Excel files with no mouse
  • Basic shortcuts – save, undo, redo
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out in micro-seconds
  • Hide / Unhide Excel Toolbar – the power of space in Excel
  • How to close Excel file and/or Excel application mouse-free
  • Right-Clicking Menu of the mouse with no mouse – yes, it’s possible too!​
  • Move between cells and contiguous ranges in Excel mouse-free
  • Where is Home and End in Excel
  • Highlight range of cells in Excel fast and accurate with the shortcuts
  • Highlight the whole column or row in micro-seconds
  • Shortcuts to move within highlighted area and deselect to the original cell
  • Add/Delete column or row in one click
  • Go To dialog window – run in Excel!
  • Naming cell in Excel
  • Copy, cut, paste – basic shortcuts
  • Fill Right or down in micro-seconds
  • The power of Paste Special
  • Paste Column Width – yes, you can do even that!
  • Paste Special – you can do Operations here and it might save you hours!
  • Paste Link from another sheet
  • Transpose in Excel
  • Bold, itilize, underline in one click
  • Repeat previous action with one hot key
  • Format as percent or currency in one click
  • Format Cells dialog window
  • Navigating within dialog window mouse-free
  • Show formula in the cell
  • Show all formulas on the sheet with one click
  • Trace Precedents and Dependands of the formula in the cell
  • Naming the cell or the range of cells
  • Find the reference for the link in one click
  • Working with comments with no mouse

Ribbon Navigation

  • Working with Excel Ribbon mouse-free
  • Customize your Quick Access Toolbar to boost productivity in Excel
  • File option on the Ribbon
  • Access Home option on the Ribbon mouse-free
  • Change font or font size with the shortcuts
  • Working with borders in Excel with no mouse
  • Shortcuts for Alignment
  • Autofit Column Width / Row Height in micro-seconds
  • Hide / Unhide Columns or Rows with the shortcuts
  • Shortcuts to Hide / Unhide Excel Sheets
  • Print in micro-seconds
  • Shortcuts for Page Setup and Page Layout
  • Header and Footer Access with no mouse
  • Access Data option on the Ribbon mouse-free
  • Sort data in the table without a mouse
  • Filter in micro-seconds
  • Shortcut to remove duplicates
  • Group / Ungroup rows or columns using shortcuts
  • Access View option on the Ribbon mouse-free
  • Hide / Unhide gridlines and headings with shortcuts
  • Shortcuts to Hide / Unhide formula bar
  • Freeze / Unfreeze row or column in micro-seconds

Formulas and Functions

  • Sum up numbers in one click
  • Anchoring with the hot key
  • Insert Function Window
  • Working with links to another sheet
  • Two ways to transpose data in Excel
  • Average and Median
  • Find the smallest or the largest numbers in the cells. MIN, MAX, SMALL, LARGE – what’s the difference
  • COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK – what do we count here?
  • ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN – different ways to round numbers in Excel
  • How to multiply in a fancy way – PRODUCT and SUMPRODUCT
  • CHOOSE and OFFSET functions – what’s the difference and which one is better to use
  • LOOKUP, HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP – let’s find out how it works
  • MATCH and INDEX separately and together
  • Dynamic reference to other ExceI sheets with INDIRECT function
  • PV, NPV and PMT
  • RATE and IRR
  • Standard Deviation, TREND and FORECAST
  • CORREL and RSQ
  • IF and nested IF
  • SumIF(s) and AverageIF(s)
  • CountIF(s) – let’s count it if…
  • IFError, then how to make it pretty
  • IS Functions – ISError, ISBlank, ISNumber, ISText
  • Which case would you like for your text – PROPER, LOWER, UPPER
  • LEFT, RIGHT and MID to pull specific characters from the text
  • FIND and LEN for texts
  • Join text strings with CONCATENATE
  • How to convert numbers into dynamic text values
  • Date and Time Functions: WEEKDAY and WEEKNUM
  • NETWORKDAYS and EDATE – even more Date and Time Functions
  • We even show you useful functions that does not pup up in Excel – DATEDIF
  • Check out today’s date with TODAY function

Advanced Excel

  • Macros are one of Excel’s most powerful features – they can help you automate repetitive tasks and save hours.
  • Macros are actually much easier to write than you’d think. Learn with us simple steps to create macros!
  • Data Tables allow you to try out different values (scenarios) for formulas at once and save you tons of time.
  • Conditional Formatting visualizes quickly and efficiently any trend you’d like to find out and highlight.
    • If you use Excel, but don’t know how to use Pivot Tables, you’re missing out – wasting hours trying to do things that a Pivot Table can do for you automatically.
    • One of the hottest trends today is data visualization. Why? Because when data is presented visually, people understand it immediately. Learn how these charts work with us!
  • Learn working with Goal Seek and Data Validation in Excel – will save you tons of time.

Game concept.

Excel efficiency

Excel Efficiency is a computer game that increases your efficiency in Excel by introducing you to over 70 formulas and functions, over 200 hot keys and shortcuts and other tips and tricks in a fun environment. Moreover, you will learn how to save hours, allowing you to focus on getting any task quickly and efficiently. Excel Efficiency game includes topics covered in the largest investment banks and consulting companies, and for financial professionals at Fortune 500 companies. The game is specifically built for professionals that are having or seeking a job in finance / investment banking / accounting / consulting.


keySkillset promotes the use of Excel hot keys and shortcuts instead of a mouse, as they are always quicker and more efficient.

We incorporate hot keys in the game, so you can navigate and play without using your mouse in many cases. In each case, press the Space Bar and the highlighted letter to activate the relevant button.

Topics and Structure

4 major topics will allow you to learn Excel quickly and in a fun and engaging environment:

“Commonly Used Hot Keys” and “Ribbon Navigation” – introduces over 200 Excel hot keys and shortcuts with many additional tips and tricks, that will make you extremely quick in Excel by developing the skills of “blind typing”. As a result, your muscle memory will work for you while you are playing and having fun. It includes 10 topics overall.

“Formulas and Functions” – introduces over 70 Excel formulas and functions commonly used by consultants and other professionals. It includes overall 7 different topics from Basic to Advanced.

“Advanced Excel” – Pivot tables, Conditional Formatting and Macros are essential skills of the advanced Excel User, as well as knowing Goal Seek and Data Validation. It includes overall 4 different topics.

Hot Keys and Shortcuts in the Game

Plus sign in “Shift + F11” means you need to click them on your keyboard at the same time. Space without plus in “Alt H A C” means you need to click the keys one after another.

Collecting stars and keys

You can collect a total of 4 keys for 4 major topics and 42 stars for all the  subtopics in the game. You can see the progress you make on any screen in the game.


Technical Details

– keySkillset is accessible for both PC and Mac users, it’s web based.

– Excel Efficiency game shows hot keys and shortcuts for Excel 2016. However, these are mostly applicable to any version of Excel after the 2003 version. You will, therefore, benefit from playing the game even if you use Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013, as you will be able to apply your skills in all these versions.

– The keyboard used in the Excel Efficiency game is an American version of the keyboard, but 90% of the shortcuts is applicable for any keyboard. 

– Recommended system requirements: Chrome or Safari browser, English as a primary language on the laptop / computer.

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keySkillset Bundle

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Free for the first 7 days, $49 monthly after. You can unsubscribe at any time

Payment details
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Free for the first 7 days, $49 monthly after. You can unsubscribe at any time

Payment details
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Subscription plan  
Coupon discount (%s)  
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Free for the first 7 days, $49 monthly after. You can unsubscribe at any time

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Coupon discount (%s)  
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Bundle $294 yearly. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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