Excel Feature We Were Waiting For

excel feature

What is new from Microsoft?

In one of our previous blogs on how AI shapes our future, we mentioned the potential new changes that MS Excel may encounter. Specifically, we were discussing the new features that will enable users for more opportunities to work with data. The moment came and Microsoft officially launched the Excel feature we were waiting for.

Android users have now the advantage of taking a photo and import it straight into an Excel spreadsheet. In other words, you do not need to enter manually the information that you found on a book page. By taking a photo of that page you will save your time. Moreover, you do not need to copy and paste the information in the cells.

Is the new Excel feature good enough?

Some of the users managed to test the feature already and it is not as perfect as it was supposed to be. It turns out that the feature can import only small spreadsheets. The users entered big spreadsheets that contained errors and flaws. However, this is not a reason to stop using it. Microsoft will continue to iterate and improve the feature. For now, it is a great start.

How to use the new Excel feature?

First, make sure you have the Excel app, if not you can download it from the Google Play Store. When you open a new spreadsheet and click on a blank cell, you will spot a blue camera icon at the bottom. MS will need to run a cloud service for importing the spreadsheet. Accept it.

Afterwards, the camera will open and gives you the opportunity to click the photo of the printed table. In case you have the photo, there is an importing option as well. The app will allow to pick up the borders by creating a red box around the table. Once you focused the camera, press the shutter button.

The information inserted will appear on the top of the screen while the image will be displayed below. The cells show a preview of the digital version and, sometimes, the spreadsheets are imported flawless (sometimes not).


Based on the experienced users, the app needs to be improved and edited. You will have to make a couple of edits t the imported file before working with the data. Even though it is not perfect, it can save tons of time. For more tips and news on Excel follow our keySkillset page.

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