Free Educational Games


Educational games to build technical skills.

Learn and Practice gamified solutions for maximum efficiency in:
MS Excel | PowerPoint | Financial Modeling | Python Coding

Excel Efficiency

Introducing time-saving shortcuts and lesser-known functions and features to make you an Excel power user. Increase your efficiency by mouse-free use of Excel and save tons of time.


Financial Modeling

Step by step instruction to build a Discounted Cash Flow financial model for a real company. Covering DCF steps, forecasting, WACC, EV and more. Teaches mouse-free financial modeling in Excel.


PowerPoint Speed

Designed for finance professionals, consultants and anyone looking to get the most out of PowerPoint, this game is focused on the speed. Build pitch decks in minutes by using PowerPoint mouse-free.


Python Coding

LEARN Python programming and big data analysis BY DOING. Discover the power of Python applied to working large dataset fast and efficient.